What’s the Scoop on the Fiber Scoop?

You may have noticed that the scoops in your favorite Isagenix products are changing. Suddenly some of your products may require two scoops instead of one, or you may see instructions to use a rounded or level scoop now. What’s up with that?

Isagenix is committed to taking action now so we can have a healthy planet for our future. To make these positive changes, Isagenix has set an aggressive goal to be zero waste by 2028. This means we must evaluate every packaging component and make changes anywhere there is an opportunity for improvement.

Our teams partnered with Earth-focused packaging suppliers and thoroughly tested several packaging concepts to ensure our move towards zero waste positively impacted the environment and maintained product safety, purity, and efficacy. One of these packaging changes was to our scoops.

From Plastic to Plant-Based

The small plastic scoops hiding inside each powdered product canister may be easy to overlook. However, millions of these scoops are discarded over time and are too small for most municipal recycling centers to process. By swapping these plastic scoops with a plant-based fiber scoop we save truckloads of plastic waste each year.

Our new scoops are made from 100% biobased materials and fibers derived from plants such as bamboo and cane sugar. To be clear, these new scoops do not add any sugar to your product. The sugar cane material, called bagasse, is the dried pulp that is otherwise discarded after the sweet juice has been extracted from the sugar cane stalk.

Our fiber scoops are free of gluten and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), marine-degradable, and can be commercially composted.

Same Formulas, Different Packaging

If you find one of our innovative new fiber scoops in your favorite powdered Isagenix product, be sure to check the label. After almost two decades of having the same usage instructions, some of our powdered products’ usage instructions may have changed to accommodate the new scoop size. Don’t worry though! We tested every scoop in every product to ensure you get your favorite formulations at the same serving size.

First, be on the lookout to see if your product now requires two scoops instead of one. Next, see if you should change the way you scoop your product. Do the instructions call for a level scoop, scoop, or rounded scoop?


When using a level scoop, be sure to shake off or level any excess powder with a butter knife or other suitable straight edge. When measuring a scoop, simply dig in as you normally would without too much excess powder on top. For a rounded scoop, be generous and scoop enough to create a softly domed top.

Small Changes for Big Impacts

By making changes to seemingly small packaging components, we are making big impacts on the environment. Our new fiber scoops not only save useful byproducts from agriculture but also reduce the amount of new plastic produced that ultimately pollutes our air, oceans, land, and wildlife. What’s not to love about that? Your favorite Isagenix products just became even better for you and the planet.

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