Don’t Travel Without These 5 Products

With the holidays right around the corner, millions of people are making plans to visit faraway destinations. Yet looming travel delays and other unexpected stresses can derail your plans and make your joyous journey feel more like an obstacle course. Equipping yourself with the right support from Isagenix products can help make any travel hiccup feel like no big deal. 

These 5 Isagenix products will have you traveling like a pro this holiday season. 

1.Adaptogen Elixir™ for combating stress

Whether you’re rushing to catch a plane or simply trying to make sure all the kids are in the car, stress is bound to make a guest appearance on your trip. Manage your stress and combat the chaos with a daily dose of adaptogens from Adaptogen Elixir. 

Adaptogens are a variety of bioactive plant compounds that work to improve physical and mental performance under stressful situations. Recent studies have found that adaptogens reduce mental fatigue, enhance physical endurance, and can aid recovery after intense physical activity by helping the body “adapt” to better resist the effects of both physical and psychological stress (1,2). Different adaptogens work in a variety of ways to help normalize the body’s functions in response to stress, helping to improve both physical and mental performance (3). 

2. e+™ for focused energy

Red-eye flights and long hours of travel can leave you feeling drained. Skip the sub-par in-flight coffee and sugar-laden soda by bringing your own clean energy boost with e+. It provides cognitive and mental performance benefits without the jittery effects sometimes associated with high amounts of synthetic caffeine (4). Each two-ounce shot contains a specific blend of 10 adaptogenic herbs along with 85 milligrams of naturally sourced caffeine from green tea and yerba maté.   

The combination of naturally sourced, energy-boosting caffeine and stress-modulating adaptogens in e+ make it a travel must-have!  

3. AMPED™ Hydrate for proper hydration

Dehydration is common during travel. Whether you are too focused on getting from Point A to Point B to remember to drink water, or you’re trying to avoid getting up during a flight, many travelers do not stay properly hydrated. This lack of hydration can lead to fatigue, decreased physical performance, disruptions in sleep, and even gastrointestinal upset. To prevent these symptoms, a study evaluating dehydration risk during long-haul flights recommends consuming electrolytes and carbohydrates in addition to pure water (5). 

AMPED Hydrate is available in single-serving sticks for a convenient and refreshing way to replenish fluids and electrolytes any time throughout your trip. AMPED Hydrate replenishes electrolytes with a superfruit electrolyte blend and four essential electrolyte minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Vitamins C and B complex provide nutrients for optimal support. 

4. IsaLean® Bars so you don’t get stuck with fast food

Winter weather and other unpredictable issues are all too common in delaying your travel plans. Having a few individually wrapped IsaLean Bars in your carry-on luggage will help keep you from scrambling to find food last minute. IsaLean and Whole Blend IsaLean Bars provide perfectly balanced nutrition with at least 18 grams of protein, vitamins, and minerals. With IsaLean Bars in your bag, you can skip the frantic search through the airport food court for nutritious options that meet your needs. IsaLean Bars are gluten free and available in vegan-friendly flavors that keep you satisfied no matter where you are. 

5. IsaMune® With Zinc for optimum health

Keep your immune system defenses on guard while you travel by packing Isamune with Zinc. This convenient oral spray makes it easy to aid your immune system’s fight against foreign invaders whenever you feel like you could use some extra support. IsaMune combines zinc with bovine colostrum, echinacea and reishi mushrooms that work to keep your immune system primed. Zinc is a mineral known for its role in promoting the function and development of immune-fighting cells while bovine Colostrum contains a natural range of compounds intended to support immune health including immunoglobulins, proline-rich polypeptides, and lactoferrin (6, 7). 

With these simple and conveniently sized additions to your travel bags, you’ll be prepared with the nutrients and energy needed to tackle any stressful situation and keep your health and happiness during the holiday travel season. 



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