Welcome to Your 30-Day Reset

When you make good nutrition and healthy habits your focus, results follow. But it’s not easy to do it all on your own. Your 30-Day Reset™ is a simple, sustainable system that helps you lose weight and keep it off, all while helping you improve your health and overall sense of well-being.

Not only has this system helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to reach their goals, but it’s also been validated by rigorous scientific research published in leading peer-reviewed journals.

Find out more about your products, Shake Days, Cleanse Days, and the published clinical research that your system is built on.

In The Box: Products to Help You Get Results

Balancing Adaptogens

Choose between Adaptogen Elixir™ or Ionix® Supreme to support your body’s ability to adapt to stress and meet the challenges of your day.

Stress Less with Adaptogen Elixir

Stress happens. Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you stay focused and conquer stress, and we’ve bottled them up to create your daily dose of serenity.

Ionix Supreme: Nature’s Answer to Stress

Finding balance isn’t always easy, especially in an increasingly hectic world. Get centered with this nutrient-rich, adaptogenic tonic that helps your body adapt to the effects of stress.

Isalean® Shake for a Scientifically Supported, Nutrient-Dense Superfood Meal

IsaLean Shake: A Scientifically Supported Superfood Meal

A core component of any Isagenix System is IsaLean Shake – a delicious superfood meal to fuel your body with essential nutrients to support optimal health.

Undenatured, High-Quality Whey Protein Powers Isagenix Shakes

Undenatured, grass-fed whey protein is at the core of our dairy-based shakes. Whey offers outstanding benefits on its own, but Isagenix sources exceptional whey protein to ensure our shakes deliver both excellent nutrition and outstanding taste.

All About Plant-Based Whole Blend IsaLean Shake

With a 30-Day Reset, you’ve got options! Whether you follow a fully plant-based lifestyle or just want more variety in your day, Plant-Based Whole Blend IsaLean Shake has you covered with a high-quality blend of plant-based proteins and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals sourced from organic vegetables.

Plant-Based Protein Explained

Not all plant-based proteins are the same. If you want results, choosing the right ingredients for high-quality protein with a complete amino acid profile is essential.

Cleanse for Life® to Support Your Body’s Natural Detoxification Systems with Super Plant Botanicals  

Why Your Cleanse Day Isn’t Complete Without Cleanse for Life

An Isagenix Cleanse Day is a method of nutritionally supported intermittent fasting, and Cleanse Days aren’t complete without the benefits of Cleanse for Life.

Cleanse for Life: An Ingredient Breakdown

Cleanse for Life is a scientifically formulated blend of cleansing herbs and botanicals designed to support whole-body cleansing and your body’s natural defenses against the effects of oxidative stress and harmful toxins.

Snack Bites to Satisfy Your Cravings on Cleanse Days

All About Snack Bites

Indulge and satisfy with these delicious, bite-sized treats that help to make Cleanse Days a breeze.

IsaFlush® for Digestive Balance

Find Your Balance With IsaFlush

Formulated with minerals and soothing herbal ingredients, IsaFlush is a natural choice to support a balanced, regular digestive system for a healthy gut.

Turn Up the Heat with Natural Accelerator™

Natural Accelerator: A Science-Supported Metabolism Boost

It’s normal for metabolism to slow down during weight loss, which can make it challenging to reach your goals. Natural Accelerator’s clinically studied ingredients promote thermogenesis, boost metabolism, and powerfully support your body’s ability to burn fat to enhance your weight loss journey and help you see results from your weight loss efforts.

Shake Days

Shake Days are designed to provide optimal nutrition with a minimum of effort. On your Shake Days, you’ll replace two regular meals with an IsaLean Shake and eat a nutritionally balanced third meal. You can set up your shake day schedule in the way that works best for you, but most people choose to enjoy shakes at breakfast and lunch and have their third meal at dinnertime.

How and When to Customize Your Shake Day

The 30-Day Reset has everything you need to complete your shake days, but everyone has unique needs. Customize the way you do your Shake Days to have your best experience.

Third Meal 101

How you fill your plate for your third meal is an important part of reaching your wellbeing goals. Plan a balanced and nourishing meal with four easy steps.

Perfecting Plant-Based Third Meals

Whether you are focused on a fully plant-based lifestyle or just like to enjoy greater variety, plant-based meal planning is a perfect fit for any Isagenix system.

Reset With Healthy Snacks

There’s no need to give up snacking during your Reset. In fact, smart snack choices can make an important contribution to your nutritional wellbeing, especially with these tips for building delicious and nourishing snacks.

Cleanse Days

A Cleanse Day is our clinically supported method of intermittent fasting that’s designed to help you feel nourished and energized while supporting your body’s natural process of cleansing and renewal. If you’ve never tried fasting before or have struggled with other styles of intermittent fasting, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to get started with Cleanse Days.

New to Cleanse Days? Here’s How to Get Started.

Cleanse Days aren’t complicated, but they can seem a bit intimidating at first. The overall goal of a Cleanse Day is to significantly limit calories for a period of one day up to two consecutive days per week (a total of four days per month) while receiving nourishment from Cleanse for Life and other Cleanse Day-approved snack options.

Cleansing at a Cellular Level

Cleanse Days are a powerful tool in helping you to reach or maintain a healthy weight. But the science behind Cleanse Days suggests there are additional benefits of intermittent fasting for your health beyond a slimmer body, like activating the natural process of cellular cleansing and renewal known as autophagy.

Results Backed by Science

It’s rare to find a company that has validated its nutrition system with independent clinical research that has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, but you won’t find a company with the same long-term commitment to nutrition science as Isagenix. Isagenix’s lasting investment in scientific research means we can deliver science-backed products for real results.

Isagenix Improves Body Composition During Weight Loss and Long-Term Weight Maintenance

Our 30-Day Reset weight loss system has been put to the test in multiple clinical trials, including an extraordinary study that tested the Isagenix system against the top recommended heart healthy diet for weight loss and long-term weight maintenance that ran for more that a year.

What It Means to Have No-Compromise Quality

Not only has Isagenix invested in extensive clinical testing, our products also undergo rigorous quality testing so you can feel confident that you are receiving products that are safe, healthy, and transformative.

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