Keep Your Defenses Up with Isamune Plus

Support your immune system with Isamune Plus.

The cool crisp air, falling leaves, and pumpkin-spice lattes are a welcome change after a blistering summer. Unfortunately, with the changing season also come annoying sniffles, painful coughs, and miserable body aches; however, we are not completely defenseless. The immune system is a remarkably complex network of cells, tissues, and organs with the common goal of fighting off “foreign invaders.”

To keep your immune system defenses on guard, Isagenix Isamune Plus contains ingredients that work synergistically to fight against foreign invaders on a daily basis. The formulation combines zinc with bovine colostrum, Echinacea, and Reishi mushrooms. Along with a balanced diet and proper sleep, these ingredients can boost your immune defenses during the winter season.

  • Zinc is a mineral that plays an important role in the function and development of immune cells (specifically, T-cells). Studies have shown that humans and animals deficient in zinc have increased oxidative stress and a compromised immune system (1-7). Zinc gluconate—the form of zinc in Isamune Plus—has been shown to maintain reserves to guard against a compromised immune system (2).
  • Bovine Colostrum, termed the “first food for life,” is the first form of milk produced by a cow after giving birth. It immediately provides the calf with a host of immune-protecting substances. Research shows that colostrum supplementation in humans may have a similar impact and strengthen immune system defenses (8-10).
  • Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) is a flowering plant from the daisy family. The plant’s roots and leaves have been used for centuries by Native Americans for their medicinal qualities to aid pain relief, headaches, and even snake bites. Recent randomized controlled studies support Echinacea’s beneficial effect on the immune system (11-13).
  • Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is commonly consumed in Japan as either a tea or powder and reputed to increase youthful vigor and vitality. Multiple studies have also shown immunomodulatory effects of Reishi mushroom and overall health benefits (13-17).

Isamune Plus is formulated to provide the highest level of immune support by keeping immune cells in top fighting form. By nourishing your immune system with immunoglobulins and protein-rich polypeptides, your body can proactively fight those pesky foreign invaders. Feel confident that you are protected with Isagenix Isamune Plus this winter.


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