Two Pilot Studies Support Healthy Aging Potential of Recharge NAD

With its unique combination of five bioactives, Recharge NAD™ was formulated to maximize your body’s cellular energy potential and antioxidant and detoxification systems. Optimal bioactive delivery is further enhanced using advanced capsule technologies. This technology helps protect these bioactives from degradation while slowly delivering the ingredients within the GI tract for greater potential bioavailability to tissues.

Now, Isagenix has obtained results from two pilot interventions that support the healthy aging potential of Recharge NAD.

An In-House Pilot Intervention

The Isagenix Research and Science team conducted an in-house pilot study evaluating the effects of Recharge NAD on several markers of oxidative stress and detoxification in adult volunteers. Additionally, the team conducted a survey analysis on the subjective experience of these volunteers with the supplement.

Study Details

Twelve adult volunteers entered the study after providing a blood sample to measure these key healthy aging markers. Then, they were instructed to consume a serving (two capsules) each day for four weeks. They also answered a short survey questionnaire regarding satisfaction with Recharge NAD. After the four-week supplementation period, the subjects provided a second blood sample to determine the effect of the product on those markers.

Study Results

Survey responses from the volunteers indicated that Recharge NAD supplementation significantly increased satisfaction on measures of energy levels, appetite control, alertness, and well-being. Biochemically, there were increases in two major antioxidant and detoxification enzymes, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase. These enzymes are key in removing free radicals and similar compounds that otherwise can accelerate cellular aging. Particularly impressive were the statistical levels of these findings, p<0.05.

Cellular Support for Recharge NAD vs. Isagenesis – Independent Evaluation

Recharge NAD was compared against Isagenesis using three in vitro (cellular) measures associated with cellular aging: telomere length, expression of a key control point of antioxidant and detoxification systems, Nrf-2, and protection against toxins.

Compared to Isagenesis, Recharge NAD increased telomere length by an additional three percent. Second, Recharge NAD increased the expression of Nrf-2 by 30%. When cells were exposed to the toxin PCB-153, Recharge NAD afforded 73% greater protection.

Isagenix and an Ongoing Commitment to Science

Never for standing still, Isagenix’s selection of novel ingredients, products, and incorporated technologies is constantly evolving. These two pilot studies demonstrate the potential healthy aging benefits of Recharge NAD and Isagenix’s full commitment to investing in scientific research behind the company’s ingredients, products, and wellness systems.

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