The Eight No-Compromise Steps of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils

Since its inception in 2002, Isagenix has created products based on the principle of no-compromise quality. This means that nothing is compromised when it comes to the production of Isagenix products. Undoubtedly, this no-compromise standard has contributed to the success of the company – making Isagenix a world leader in high-quality nutritional products more than 15 years later.

Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils harnesses the power and benefits of plants while following the Isagenix no-compromise standards, bringing you the best essential oils possible.

Here’s the breakdown of how the commitment to no-compromise quality is in full gear with Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils:

Step 1

Working with vetted and responsible suppliers, natural aromatic plants are selected based on evidence showing their benefits in aromatherapy, paying special attention to plant origin and the area of the plant used to extract oil.

Step 2

Depending on the species and area of the plant, oils are extracted by steam distillation or cold-pressing. Steam distillation involves passing steam through the plant material to collect the essential oils, while cold-pressing extracts the oils by mechanically crushing and spray-drying the plant with cold water.

Step 3

Before being bottled, the extracted oils are sent to the Isagenix Product Development team for organoleptic testing and approval, which ensures appearance, color, and odor are up to standards. If an oil is not up to standard, it’s immediately rejected.

Step 4

Once approved, the oils are sent to industry-leading, third-party laboratories in the U.S. and Canada to perform identification, purity, analytical, and microbiological testing. This assures each oil meets the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization and is free of adulterants and bacterial contaminants. Third-party lab testing data is compared to the manufacturer’s data to verify the oil is ready to be bottled.

Step 5

The Isagenix Quality Control and Assurance team releases the approved oils to FDA-regulated food and cosmetic facilities.

Step 6

Bottled essential oils are submitted to third-party laboratories for microbiological testing to assure the product is free of bacterial contaminants. The Isagenix-packaging partners then perform a final organoleptic test to ensure quality.

Step 7

Samples from each batch of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils are shipped to Isagenix World Headquarters for final testing by the Quality Assurance team. This round of testing consists of organoleptic, analytical, and documentation verification prior to the public release of the essential oils.

Step 8

100 percent pure, natural, no-compromise Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils are delivered to Customers’ doors!

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