Performance Spotlight: AMPED Fuel

Endurance athletes rely heavily on carbohydrates to fuel their performance before and during their training. When exercising for long periods, athletes burn quickly through glycogen (stored carbs in muscle) and the sugar in their bloodstreams (1-2). Eventually fuel stores run low and athletes hit a wall, exhausting themselves while hindering their performance.

Whether it be a marathon, a half-day adventure race, or a 40-mile training ride, the difference between just making it through an event and crushing it can be tied directly to nutrition. More specifically, since endurance-based activity burns through your body’s stored fuel source, glycogen, replenishment midway through your race, adventure, or ride is essential to maintain stamina. It’s crucial to protect your muscles as your body burns through its protein stores.

AMPED Fuel™ is a puree of wholesome carbohydrate sources including apple, agave, and molasses to support athletes nutritionally during endurance events like running and cycling. The product supplies immediate energy during workouts, reduces fatigue and protects muscles, and promotes faster muscle recovery following training.

Carbohydrate gel or puree products taken during high-intensity endurance exercise significantly improve performance, according to scientific research on athletes and performance (1-3).

To maximize the availability of carbs, supply immediate energy, and minimize gastrointestinal distress, an optimal ratio of different forms of carbs should be consumed (5-8). The ideal ratio is one that allows for the quickest absorption and immediate use for energy and maintenance of blood sugar levels with a mixture of glucose and fructose (5, 6).

This “sugar balance” spares existing stores of glycogen to prime the body for greater energy and performance as the endurance activity continues. Consuming carbs during exercise can also help limit the breakdown and release of protein from muscle.

Studies suggest that consuming a modest dose of branched-chain amino acids during extended exercise makes additional protein synthesis available to the body helping to reduce and offset protein loss (4). Supplementation during training may also suppress exercise-induced muscle damage, muscle soreness, and accelerate recovery (4-9).

By supplying the body with 22 grams of carbs in an optimal glucose-fructose ratio along with branched-chain amino acids, AMPED Fuel is the perfect nutritional supplement for energy replenishment and enhanced performance.


Getting Set Up For Endurance Training

At least 90 minutes before training or a competition, consume a meal consisting of carbs, an easy-to-digest source of protein, and moderate fat, along with at least 16 ounces of fluid.

Meal: Whole-grain bagel, banana, half-serving of IsaLean® PRO Shake

Pre-Workout: 1 – 2 hours before your workout, take AMPED NOx; 15 – 30 minutes before your workout, take e+ Shot and AMPED Power

Mid-Workout: Take AMPED Fuel every 30 to 60 minutes during intense exercise

Post-Workout: Take AMPED Recover and 1 to 2 servings IsaPro® with a banana*

*To replenish muscle and liver glycogen synthesis, consume roughly half your body weight in grams of carbohydrates over three to four hours post-exercise. Excellent choices include fresh fruit, sweet potatoes, rice, honey, and oats.


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