Find Your Balance With IsaFlush

Formulated with minerals and soothing herbal ingredients, IsaFlush® is a natural choice to support a balanced, regular digestive system for a healthy gut.

Digestive Balance and Comfort

A balanced digestive system enables the body to effectively absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. When your digestive system is in balance, it can help to enhance your sense of well-being from the inside out. IsaFlush was developed with this sense of well-being in mind as an aid to digestive regularity and overall health.

IsaFlush is not a laxative and does not contain any harsh stimulant ingredients. It’s formulated to help support digestive balance and promote intestinal comfort naturally. IsaFlush provides ingredients like gentle magnesium to support improved water balance to promote normal intestinal function. It also provides soothing herbs like peppermint and hyssop for greater intestinal comfort and bentonite to aid in the elimination of waste.

What’s Inside: IsaFlush’s Key Ingredients

  • Magnesium (as magnesium oxide)

Magnesium is an essential mineral nutrient with many critical functions, including as an element in nerve and muscle function and as a cofactor in many enzymatic reactions throughout the body. In the digestive tract, magnesium may promote smooth muscle relaxation and may enhance water balance (1).

  • Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) herb top extract

Hyssop is a botanical ingredient with an extensive history of traditional use in nutritional cleansing (2). Modern investigations have identified a variety of phytonutrient compounds present in extracts of hyssop that may support overall well-being (3).

  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita) leaf extract

Peppermint is commonly consumed as both a culinary ingredient and as an herbal remedy in teas and other preparations. Some components of peppermint, such as menthol, provide a cooling or soothing sensation that may promote a greater sense of digestive comfort (4, 5).

IsaFlush in Your Isagenix System

IsaFlush is included as part of the Isagenix Weight Wellness solution, but it can be incorporated into any nutritional system. The best way to add the benefits of IsaFlush to your system is by consuming one to two capsules a day, preferably at bedtime. Consuming IsaFlush along with a full glass of water can help ensure good hydration, which is important for normal digestive function.

Supporting the maintenance of normal digestive function and promoting greater intestinal comfort are important for overall well-being. IsaFlush offers the right blend of natural herbs and mineral ingredients to aid digestive regularity and overall health.


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