Adaptogens & Stress


Trainer: Eric Gumpricht, PhD, Director of Research & Science

While adaptogens have been a key health contributor to Isagenix products and systems since the company’s founding, these unique plants are just starting to catch on amongst health-focused consumers. Isagenix Director of Research & Science Dr. Eric Gumpricht gives an in-depth look at what adaptogens are, their benefits, who should consume them, and more! 


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Episode Notes:

“Adaptogens are plants or herbs that enhance the resistance against stress or stressors. These stressors could be physical, chemical, biological or (in animals) mental. Adaptogenic plants evolved to survive and thrive under harsh environmental climates. “I always think of adaptogens as environmental thermostats that sense what the cell, tissue, organism needs and support that adaptation, accordingly.” – Dr. Gumpricht

3 primary purposes for adaptogen use:

  • Stress Support
  • Benefit to mental performance
  • Benefit to physical performance

Adaptogens defined:

  • Enhance resistance to stressors
  • High safety profile
  • Normalize the body’s systems

4 Main Adaptogens:

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