The Key to Preventing Long-Term Weight Gain

As we age, unwanted fat accumulates in our bodies at a slow and steady pace. However, when looking at weight gain patterns, this fat accumulation appears to occur over a relatively short, specific period of time the winter holiday season (1). Of course, these intermittent periods of fat gain can compound over the years, resulting in significant weight gain. 

The holiday season can equal weight gain for many 

In the U.S., the winter holiday season tends to last around six weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. The weight gain during this time ranges from 2-5 pounds and is often retained during the following spring and summer (2).  

Indeed, researchers have proposed that the few extra pounds gained each year during the holiday season might be a significant factor in the pattern of gradual weight gain that most of us experience throughout our lives (3). For instance, data from a large, nationally representative health study shows that starting in our early 20s, many of us gain an average of 1-2 pounds each year. By the time we reach our 60s, we weigh about 40 pounds more than we did when we graduated high school (4). 

It’s no surprise that the holidays are a time of overconsumption. The season is rife with longer eating durations, easy access to food, eating socially in the presence of others, and the most problematicincreased portion sizes (5-7). 

Given these statistics, holiday overeating is a prime target for weight management. In fact, focusing on keeping weight off during the holiday season may be the best way to prevent long-term weight gain. 

Don’t play the never-ending catch-up game 

Prevailing advice revolves around losing the weight in the time following the holidays, but it doesn’t always work. When the damage is done, even those who have a post-holiday weight control plan have difficulty “recovering” from the holidays (2, 8). In contrast, a more proactive approach would be to have a plan of action to avoid gaining the weight in the first place. 

There are several dietary tips you can implement during the holiday season to minimize or prevent holiday weight gain. But the most powerful tool lies in consistently following a well-rounded nutritional plan. 

In this regard, an Isagenixbased system provides several advantages. Isagenix offers the convenience of a scientifically validated system that can support your individual goals of not just preventing weight gain but also keeping weight off long term (9). By taking a proactive approach with Isagenix during the holidays, annual weight gain can be more easily avoided. 


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