Sustainable Changes for a Healthier Planet

In 2018 Isagenix set an ambitious stretch goal of zero-waste packaging by 2028. Knowing it wouldn’t be easy, the company immediately got to work transforming World Headquarters into a green, LEED certified building and researching how to reduce its carbon footprint.  

With the help of experienced packaging engineers, innovative manufacturers, and talented product developers, Isagenix quickly identified ways it could not only reduce its paper and plastic use but also maintain the quality of the great tasting products we all love. 

Sustainability Begins with Reducing Dependency 

When developing new products, Isagenix puts careful thought and thorough research into selecting the most sustainable and effective packaging. At times, plastic may be a better choice than materials such as glass due to its light weight and durability during transportation. This reduces the amount of energy needed during transport while also minimizing the likelihood of damaged products that would otherwise create packaging and food waste. 

To help reduce plastic waste and dependence, Isagenix has discontinued the use of neckbands around products with inner seals, plastic shrink wrap around its bars, and has transitioned to a 100% biodegradable fiber scoop in many of its powdered products. These small changes alone reduce the need for plastic by hundreds of truckloads. 

In addition, Isagenix has transitioned its plastic bottles to post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. PCR is a material made from plastic products that have been used by consumers, collected by recycling centers, and turned into new plastics. This change will save millions of plastic bottles from being produced each year. 

While Isagenix has made substantial progress in moving toward a more sustainable use of plastics, reducing paper and cardboard use is also a top priority in the company’s sustainability mission. We’ve switched from large cardboard boxes to simplified cardboard trays during transportation from our third-party manufacturers to our distribution centers. This, alongside resizing our shipping boxes that take Isagenix products from the warehouse to your doorstep, has decreased our need for cardboard by millions of square feet each year. That’s over 20,000 trees saved per year! 

Partners with a Purpose 

Since 2002 Isagenix has committed to sourcing ingredients sustainably and ethically. Our partners across the globe meet and maintain our high-quality standards, focus on sustainable farming and environmental practices, and work to uplift their employees and the communities around them.  

Through meaningful partnerships, Isagenix was able to launch its first zero-waste products in 2020: Whole Blend IsaLean Shake, which is packaged in a 100% recyclable bag, and Collagen Elixir™, which is delivered in 100% recyclable glass bottles and compostable plastic trays. 

Testing to Ensure Quality 

Though many of these packaging changes may go unnoticed, our teams have put careful thought and research into every single product. Isagenix tests to ensure its packaging supports our high-quality product standards and a stable shelf life. We also evaluate packaging durability so you can rest assured knowing your product will arrive at your door safely no matter the weather or how bad a day your delivery driver is having. 

Isagenix proudly stands behind its commitment to quality and sustainability for a healthier planet and a healthier you.

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