Daily Wellness Pack

Your Foundation for Lifelong Wellness

You’ve conquered your goals and see results, but the race isn’t over. This is the pak you need to build on your success with Isagenix and maintain the results you’ve achieved so far. Get the core products you need to keep your shake-a-day routine, and use your $50 to choose your own adventure and customize extra products.  As a huge bonus, you can save 10 percent when you configure the Daily Wellness Pak as part of the Isagenix Lifestyle Rewards program (Autoship). And best of all, not only do you get 10 percent off on the pak, you save 10 percent on every product you add to your Lifestyle Rewards order, unlimited!

The Daily Wellness Pak is only available through Lifestyle Rewards (Autoship). It is not available for wholesale or retail orders.

Your pak includes:

  • IsaLean® Shake.
  • Cleanse for Life®.
  • Ionix® Supreme.
  • $50 voucher for any product.