IsaDelight Chocolate FAQ

What makes IsaDelight Super-Chocolate different from ordinary chocolate?

IsaDelight® chocolates are made with a Belgian-style low-temperature process to preserve the natural premium chocolate, flavonoids, and flavors. They’re infused with green tea extract and power-packed with B vitamins and minerals. IsaDelight chocolates are made with natural, non-GMO chocolate and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Who can enjoy IsaDelight Super-Chocolate?

IsaDelight chocolates are for anyone who wants a happy way to satisfy cravings with delicious, power-packed chocolate in convenient, individually wrapped pieces.

How many IsaDelight chocolates are recommended per day?

We suggest you enjoy up to three or four IsaDelight chocolates as desired throughout the day.

Is IsaDelight Super-Chocolate approved for use on Cleanse Days?

Yes, IsaDelight chocolates can be used on Cleanse Days and every day.

How can IsaDelight Super-Chocolate help on a Cleanse Day?

IsaDelight chocolates can be enjoyed as one of your Cleanse Day snack options. Infused with green tea extract, B vitamins, and minerals, these decadent chocolate squares are formulated to help satisfy your cravings and support your Cleanse Day success.

I noticed a white tint on the surface of the chocolate. Is this normal?

The white tint that sometimes appears on the surface of chocolate is called “bloom” and does not impact the nutritional profile and flavor of the premium chocolate in IsaDelight. Several factors can contribute to bloom, but the white tint is generally a result of natural cocoa butter visible on the surface of a chocolate.

Why do the calories vary between the IsaDelight flavors?

The calories in one piece of IsaDelight chocolate vary from 45 to 70 calories depending on the flavor.

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate With Mint Flavor, and Milk Chocolate With Sea Salt & Caramel Flavor each provide 60 calories per square.

IsaDelight in Milk Chocolate With Peanut Butter Cup Flavor provides 70 calories per piece due to a slightly thicker chocolate square. Each piece weighs 12 grams, compared to 11.4 grams for other flavors.

Both the No Added Sugar* Milk Chocolate Tangerine Flavor and Sugar-Free* Dark Chocolate Tangerine Flavor of IsaDelight provide 45 calories per piece and are made with no added sugar.

How much caffeine is in an IsaDelight?

Each IsaDelight square contains around 13 milligrams of naturally occurring caffeine from chocolate. IsaDelight chocolates are made with green tea extract that is decaffeinated and doesn’t contribute to the naturally occurring caffeine. For comparison, a small 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee contains about 95 milligrams of caffeine.

Why aren’t all flavors of IsaDelight Super-Chocolate made with no added sugar?

IsaDelight chocolates are available in a variety of flavors and styles to ensure there’s an option to please everyone’s palate. Some flavors are sweetened with sugar, while other flavors are sweetened with stevia leaf extract. Because milk contains naturally occurring sugars, all milk chocolate varieties contain some sugar contributed by the milk ingredients.

Dark Chocolate Tangerine Flavor and Milk Chocolate Tangerine Flavor are made with no added sugar and are naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract.

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate With Mint Flavor, Milk Chocolate With Sea Salt & Carmel Flavor, and Milk Chocolate With Peanut Butter Cup Flavor are naturally sweetened with sugar.

Why is phenylalanine on the label, and what is it?

Phenylalanine is a naturally occurring amino acid in many foods such as milk, eggs, and pumpkin seeds. It helps our bodies build protein and produce dopamine in the brain. However, individuals with phenylketonuria (PKU) are unable to properly metabolize phenylalanine.

Phenylalanine is an ingredient in the IsaDelight Amino Complex. To help individuals with PKU avoid foods with added phenylalanine, this ingredient is clearly identified on the label.


*Not a low calorie food.

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