Accelerate Your Metabolism Naturally

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Boost metabolism safely with these science-backed ingredients.

Googling the phrase “how to boost your metabolism” is a sure way to return a flood of hyped-up ads for the latest products claiming to “shrink your waistline in just one week” and “burn fat without exercise.”

But often enough most of these products contain ingredients that are not well supported by scientific research or may not provide ingredients at levels that are effective to produce results. More concerning is the lack of safety studies related to many of these products with some containing ingredients that are associated with potential side effects.

Introducing the new Natural Accelerator™ from Isagenix. No hype found here. It’s not a “magic pill,” nor is it claimed to cause weight loss without any effort. The product comes with scientifically supported ingredients in doses shown to be supportive of a healthy metabolism and effective for increasing thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is simply the process of heat production within the body, which is a component of determining metabolic rate and the burning of calories.

A look at six of its ingredients in the new formula of Natural Accelerator tells more of the product’s scientific story and how it was designed with results and absolute safety in mind:

  1. Niacin is a B vitamin (B5) with an essential role in the proper function of metabolism and converting food to energy (1). The formula includes niacin in the form of niacinamide (as opposed to nicotinic acid) to avoid the occurrence of any “flushing,” which although is harmless can be uncomfortable to some.
  2. Chromium is an essential trace mineral that supports proper carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. One of its main functions is helping to potentiate the action of insulin in the regulation of blood sugar (2,3). Chromium does this by assisting insulin in the transport of sugar from the bloodstream into cells where it can be used for energy, helping your body efficiently burn calories from food consumed.
  3. Green tea leaf extract (decaffeinated) contains active compounds, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is shown in multiple studies to boost thermogenesis and fat metabolism (4-6). EGCG causes fat to be released into the blood stream where it can be oxidized within the mitochondria (or energy-producing-center) of cells.
  4. Apple cider vinegar is shown in studies to assist with management of blood sugar (7,8), although through a different mechanism than chromium. The active ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid, which is also the reason why vinegar has such a pungent taste. Studies show that acetic acid helps to inhibit carbohydrate-specific digestive enzymes, such as amylase, slowing down the break down and absorption of sugars and starches reducing their impact on blood sugar.
  5. Cayenne pepper contains capsinoids, which are shown to stimulate thermogenesis and that may help curb appetite (9,10). Consumption of capsinoids may also activate greater thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue, which is the type of fat that produces body heat at times such as when shivering in the cold (11).
  6. Cocoa seed extract helps modulate fat metabolism through its action on fatty acid synthesis and transport systems (12). It may also enhance thermogenesis mechanisms in the liver and adipose tissue to support fat burning (12,13).

These scientifically supported ingredients in Natural Accelerator can aid anyone on their weight management journey when combined with a healthy balanced diet and exercise. But unlike other products on the market, they’re backed by scientific evidence and not hyped up as “too good to be true.”

You may notice that some ingredients have been removed from the new Natural Accelerator formula. One in particular, royal jelly, was taken out for allergy concerns. Others were removed due to regulatory issues in Canada or to allow for increased doses of certain ingredients. Additionally, a few ingredients were removed because of their representation in other Isagenix products. 

The product exists as one of the many tools to help you reach your weight management goals when following an Isagenix system. And as with all Isagenix products, it comes with extensive quality testing to ensure it’s safe and free of any harmful ingredients or stimulants.


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