3 Ways To Get More Isagenix Greens, Daily

Not only does Isagenix Greens™ makes a great-tasting beverage on its own, but it can also be used in different ways to pack your diet with those phytonutrients woefully absent from most Americans’ diets. For most of the U.S. population the average intake of vegetables is only about two servings per day (1).

Two servings daily does not leave a lot of room for variety. Our current lack of vegetable consumption is troubling considering that a recent study suggests that consuming a variety of vegetables is more important than consuming too much of the same kind (2). The reason is that consuming a wide variety of vegetables provides the body with a variation of unique phytonutrients and antioxidants not otherwise found in the diet. It’s also why it’s recommended that you consume six to nine servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.

Why should you use Isagenix Greens? The powdered green drink mix provides you with a healthy dose of phytonutrients to support your overall health and well-being, even on days when you don’t meet the recommendations. Just as there’s more than one way to enjoy your other favorite Isagenix products, Isagenix Greens is no exception.

1. Add Isagenix Greens to your IsaLean Shake.

It’s hard to imagine an IsaLean® Shake being even more nutritious and delicious than it already is, but adding Isagenix Greens to your shake is great way to get the added benefit of phytonutrients.

Adding whole fruits and vegetables to your IsaLean Shake is a great way to add fiber and phytonutrients; however, you can only fit so much in your IsaBlender®, so Isagenix Greens can help you achieve more variety with key phytonutrients from more than 30 ingredients. Now that’s convenient!

2. Replace your sugary beverages with Isagenix Greens.

A recent report shows that one third of Americans drink at least one soda or sugar-sweetened beverage every day. These sugary drinks are a major source of added sugars, providing on average eight teaspoons per serving without any nutritional value (3).

Enter Isagenix Greens—and don’t forget Isagenix Fruits™! Each serving contains only 30 calories or less and 1 gram of sugar. It is a great-tasting alternative to sugary soda and juice.

3. Get creative with recipes!

It’s easy to find creative ways to get more nutrition from Isagenix Greens with innovative recipes. If you’re looking for some inspiration, see our recipes page for ideas on using Isagenix Greens before creating your own.

No matter how busy you are or what your day looks like, you can always find opportunities to benefit from the nutrition found in Isagenix Greens. But if for any reason you’ve missed taking your Isagenix Greens during the day, don’t worry—you can also use Isagenix Greens as a “night cap” on Shake Days as it’s also a core component of our Bedtime Belly Buster (BBB).


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